Embeddable Event Widget For Your Website & Facebook

Partner with us and expand your reach. Owners (Organizer/User) of events listed on our website can generate embed code using Embeddable Event Widget .  This will benefit you in an extensive number of ways. Do you also wish to display your events on your personal, business website or on your Facebook page to easily reach out to your costumers and promote your listed events with ease? The process does not require any complicated method. This embed code can display organizer’s event listings wherever they use this code. 

How To Get Widget Embed Code For Your Website?

What is noteworthy about this widget is that you can literally specify what kind of events this code will display. You can use the fields to specify what events to show and some specifications about the widget’s behavior. So you just need to specify the details and click “Get Widget Embed Code”.


The Embeddable Widget Form contains the following options:

  • Keyword which searches for events that match the keywords provided.
  • Location which searches for events within a certain location.
  • Display Count which controls how many events get displayed.
  • Show Pagination which shows a next/previous pagination link in the widget to show more results.
  • Categories to limit the events based on selected categories.
  • Event Type which limit the events based on selected event types.

After setting up options for the widget, click on “Get Widget Embed Code” button. It will show two sections – one is a Preview of your widget and second is Code which you can paste wherever you want or into any website to display the events.


How To Easily Promote Event Listings On Facebook?

As many event organizers and event marketers can attest, Facebook can be a great way to promote an event, but it won’t just work for you by default. Organizers and marketers must learn how to promote an event on Facebook, before buzz can be generated and registrations can be increased.

Use The Event Widget To Promote The Event

While an event Facebook page will come and go (event pages aren’t relevant after the event happens).

Event marketers should utilize Facebook pages as a way to promote an upcoming event to an audience of people already interested in the services or products provided.

Make Upcoming Events A Prominent Part Of Your  Page. On the left side of all  pages is a column with various modules. One of the modules that can be moved up or down, is called “Upcoming Events.” So get started and fill the details below and start reaching out to variety of customers out there.



Still require further help on how to get started as an organiser, Email contact@eventstickets.net.  Glad to help you.